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About Pensa Psychology

Pensa Psychology is a boutique consultancy providing expert service in psychological diagnostics of the workplace and organisation. This provides robust empirical evidence into what needs to be done to allow the humanistic elements of the organisation to develop and grow, creating a resilient, efficient and effective workforce.

Subsequent interventions are bespoke and based on the most current psychological research. We ensure that the correct consultants are aligned to the correct intervention, therefore guaranteeing quality and client satisfaction.

Our aim is to provide ongoing support to employers and employees to ensure a Professionally Healthy, Physically Healthy and Psychologically Healthy workplace.

Our Process

Within the work environment, there are three main aspects to consider: physical aspects, such as real estate, equipment and resources, the goals of the organisation such as strategy, changes, expectation and finally the psychological elements of the organisation which is basically the effect that the working environment has on the people, and the effect that people may have on each other. When balance is achieved between all three elements, optimum efficiency in the organisation is realised. Unfortunately, it is the psychological area that is often overlooked, but from a logical perspective, is the one area that can be changed in the most cost-effective way. Attitude, focus, self-belief and resilience can be developed, despite deficiencies in other areas.

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Our Process

When assessing the work place, there is a frequent tendency to focus on the physical aspects, such as processes, lifeless strategies and compliancy exercises, which could result in a mere box ticking exercise. When initiating interventions, organisations may be inclined to purchase what they want and think they need as opposed to what they actually need. As this leads to unsustainable change can be costly, time consuming and inefficient. At Pensa Psychology, we aim to bring balance between the psychological and physical elements, set against the goals of the organisation to optimise performance and efficiency, not just now but as a constant result.

By carrying out a ‘below the surface’ diagnostic process and analysing the balance and cross-over between the organisational domains, the Organisational Climate Assessment© provides empirical evidence for the development of organisational needs as opposed to wants. The causal issues of the organisational climate are identified, which opens the door to the strategic planning of necessary interventions, leading to significant organisational development and change.

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Our Supporters

  • Promethean Executive
  • York University
  • Global Diversity Foundation
  • The British Psychological Society
  • North East England Chamber of Commerce